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RX-7 86-92 Coil Trailing Connector Set (Spec B)

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Connector set for use with the stock trailing coils of the 86-92 RX-7 as well as the 13B-RE Cosmo. We have not been able to source the exact matching two-pin connector hardshells for the coils, so we use these connector sets to 1) replace the hardshell on the coil itself, and 2) install the new mating connector on the wire harness. These hardshells use the exact same terminals as the stock coils, so you simply depin the existing hardshell and slide the terminals into the new hardshell. This gives you a clean install with no failure prone splices or re-using old hardshells. New terminals are included if you feel it necessary to replace the old terminals on your coils. This set also includes the exact mating 4-pin connector as well. Price is for one mating pair of two-pin connectors and a single four-pin connector as pictured.