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ECUMaster CAN Switch Board

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CAN Switch Board is tiny device that allows for the transfer of up to 8 switch states and two analog signals over the CAN bus. In addition, the device has two built-in LED outputs that can be activated with CAN bus messages to display ECU modes or warnings. The main purpose of this board is for custom steering wheel applications containing buttons, rotary switches and indicators, but applications are limitless. With this module, OEM steering wheel buttons or custom keypads can be used. This board is for use with the EMU Black or PMU16.

Key features

CAN BUS 2.0B, 500 or 1000kbs, user selectable,
different CAN ID and CAN frame structures can be selected,
only 25x25mm (1 inch square) in size,
8 low-side switch button inputs,
2 analog inputs / rotary switch inputs, 0-5V, 10bits
2 output for LED
6-20V power supply
5V output for powering rotary switches or potentiometers