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Haltech CAN Thermocouple Amplifier (TCA) EGT Sensor

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The Haltech Thermocouple Amplifier Box allows the user the ability to increase the functionality of their Haltech ECU by using the Haltech CAN system which is fitted to all Platinum Series ECU’s. The Thermocouple Amplifier Box instantly makes available multiple temperature inputs for monitoring,tuning and logging. Simply plug in the CAN cable and start using your thermocouple inputs.

The Haltech Thermocouple Amplifier is available in a 2 Channel or 4 Channel Configuration


TCA2 – 2 Channel Thermocouple Amplifier – HT059920 / HT059921 (Box A / Box B)
• 2 x Thermocouple Temperature Inputs (K Type only) (0-1250 deg C) *1
(Thermocouple probes not included.Please contact Haltech for probe sets available)

TCA4 – 4 Channel Thermocouple Amplifier – HT059940 / HT059941 (Box A / Box B)
• 4 x Thermocouple Temperature Inputs (K Type only) (0-1250 deg C) *1
(Thermocouple probes not included – Please contact Haltech for probe sets available)

• Broadcast rate of 20mS to the Haltech ECU for each channel.
• +/- 2deg accuracy via CAN.
• Power and Status LED’s.
• Powered by CAN Bus when used with Haltech Platinum Series ECU’s.
• Analogue Voltage Outputs (0.5 – 4.5V) for each channel. *2
• Multiple Thermocouple Amplifier Boxes can be used on certain Haltech ECU’s to give up to 12 Channels.*3


ECU Suitability:

Sprint, Sport, Pro, Elite, and Nexus ECUs


Power Requirements:

• Source: 8.6 to 16.5 Volts DC
• Consumption: 80mA @ 12Volts DC


Physical Dimensions:

• Length: 95mm
• Width: 64mm
• Height: 28mm



• ECU: 150g (0.33 lb)
• Harness: 70g (0.154 lb)


Haltech Thermocouple Amplifier Kit Includes:

• Haltech Thermocouple Amplifier Box
• CAN direct connection cable (600mm)*3



The TC2 and TC4 boxes are available in many different configurations. Though the boxes are extremely easy to setup and use, you need to make sure to order the right parts for your particular installation. Since the options available are extensive, we urge you to contact us before ordering if you have any question regarding what parts you need.

These boxes communicate with Haltech Platinum ECUs through single CAN cable. They can also be equipped with the optional harness to be run as a standalone unit or in conjunction with another ECU that is not CAN functional. Again, please ask before you buy if there is any doubt.

Probe kits listed here ship with stainless steel weld on bungs. Mild steel and threaded bungs are available. Contact us if you need an alternate bung configuration. The replacement probes, listed elsewhere, do not include bungs.